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[Closed] Art Help Posting Guidelines


Posting Guidelines 

Welcome to the Art Help section! This area is for those of you that are seeking others to review, critiques, redline and otherwise aid you in making your artwork. This can be poses, illustrations, writing, and etc. Please be aware and keep in mind that anyone can do this, and you may not always like what is posted. Here are a few quick guidelines before you post! 

Making requests:
If you are making a request to get feedback, redline, etc on your artwork, please make sure you emphasize what you are looking for. If you post "wants feedback" you may get a wide range of "feedback" on your art. If you are looking for redlines only, please make that clear.

Posting your feedback:
When posting your comments to a request, please keep in mind what the artist has requested. We understand not everyone is as artistic as the next person, and may not be able to provide a visual redline, but may be able to provide a written one. This is fine, your post will not be removed. Your post is only be removed if it does not follow other posting guidelines. 

General Guidelines:
-Keep it helpful, as artists are looking for positive feedback and help, and not to be put down. So, when you are posting, we want to see constructive criticism. Bashing people's artwork is strictly prohibited and any comments of this nature will be removed.  

-Be polite and courteous! Remember constructive criticism only. 

-Pay attention. Please do only what is asked. If someone is not looking for a redline, don't do one unless you ask first. Do not redraw someone's entire image thinking you are "fixing" it for them. Again pay attention to what the artist has requested. This section is here so the community can help each other out not put each other down! 

Thank you and we hope you are able to find the help you need in our art help section! 

Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2021 5:21 am