The Lodge Guidelines

Please note the following rules apply everywhere on this forum. For more information on specific rules for each section, please check out the posting guidelines for each individual section or the general description which is written out in the Board Index.

Much of what is stated here is in our Chat Rules as well.

Similar to the Lupinar Chat, “but I didn’t know!” is not an acceptable excuse on this forum. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these rules. Before you participate in this site, you must read them all the way through. Also bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account so keep your password a secret. If someone uses your account and gets banned, this ban will count towards you in the future – no exceptions. Bans can be as short as 12 hours or as long as forever depending on your behavior and counting strikes. We typically go by the 3-strikes rule, but for serious offenses, some people can receive permanent bans on their first or second try.

Lupinar is a Chatlands site for users fourteen years of age or older. Lupinar established this rule to ensure that children were not exposed to content above their age level. If you are not fourteen years of age, please do not sign up for Lupinar. The administrators will permanently ban users under the age of fourteen from this site, whether or not they have parental consent. These users are allowed to return upon turning fourteen years old, but must send in a Problem Ticket appealing their ban by stating they are now old enough to use Lupinar.

All rules below are met with a warning unless otherwise noted after the rule in italics. All rules are also open to discussion.

Inappropriate Content

We do not have swearing restrictions in effect; however, we ask that you continue your consideration when using these words. Any linking or public discussion in public rooms to inappropriate material such as sexual content, illegal substances, sensitive material that can be triggering, material that is not filtered or restricted for adult viewing, or viewed as hazardous to those with disorders like epilepsy. 

Linking to pirated or illegal software downloads, tutorials on how to do so, or discussing it in public. (This can receive at the least a one month ban)

Due to United States laws, and COPPA, nudity of any sort isn’t allowed to be linked, and cannot be discussed in explicit detail. Nipples are not allowed on BOTH male and female characters, and sheaths are not allowed on male anthros. Sheaths and nipples on both female and male feral characters are permitted in artwork and images so long they are not detailed, and are non sexualized.

Subjecting others to or directly linking unfiltered NSFW (“not suitable for work”) content, such as an image, a gallery, or video, to others is not acceptable. Shock sites, porn sites, pornographic images, or any adult content that’s above meant for 18+ is not permitted in public on Lupinar. (This will receive a permanent ban on your account.)
Controlled substances (including prescription medications and illegal drugs) are allowed to be discussed on Lupinar as long as it is done in an educational or constructive manner. Discussion of controlled substances without the intent to inform in this way is not allowed.


All types of spam are prohibited on this Forum. If you post spam of any sort, it will be removed and there will be disciplinary action taken upon your account. This includes:
Posting four or more topics containing similar or the exact same content.
Creating a new topic or poll for something that has already been posted or has no relevance.
Posting indecipherable or unneeded content on a topic. All content posted should relate back to the sub-forum or forum posted in.
“Keep me off the forum”, “what do you think about me?” and “do you like me?” topics. These topics should be kept to sites such as Blogger or LiveJournal. Journal posts regarding personal achievement or progression are acceptable on this forum.
Topics can only be bumped every 24 hours. This does include bumping topics made by other users. Bumping means that you push a topic back to the top of the active listings. If your topic is on the second page of the active listings, it does not mean you can bump it. You must only bump your topic before the 24 hours if it is on the second page of the specific section it is in.

Disturbing the Peace

Creating unnecessary drama to intentionally disturb another user is prohibited. This includes misrepresenting administrative action and falsifying administrative statements.

Faking your own, or someone else’s trauma (such as death, an accident…etc.).

Trolling, which can be defined as joining the site for the sole purpose of harassing, causing grief, or otherwise disturbing the peace. Trolling will result in a permanent ban across Chatlands without warning.

Subjects, images or content that can trigger other members of the community (such as talk of: rape, self-harm, suicide, hate group propaganda or extremist speech, etc.). Hate group propaganda and extremist speech are taken very seriously and most instances of it will lead to serious, if not permanent, bans depending on the severity of the situation.

The impersonation of anyone other than yourself, regardless of context. Impersonation can result in a permanent ban depending upon the severity of the situation.

Public blacklists of any kind are prohibited. If you want to blacklist someone from using your artwork, please contact a member of the Art Review Team.


Harassment, which is irritating or tormenting members of this community persistently, is not acceptable. There are many different types of harassment, but harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on this website. This includes:
Irritating, annoying or tormenting members of this community persistently through means such as “flaming”, “egging on”, or “shaming”.
Uncalled for and inappropriate name calling or inappropriate and hurtful slang (such as terms against homosexuality, racial groups, political affiliations…etc.).
Sexual harassment or sexual innuendos. Sexual harassment may easily lead to a lengthy ban depending upon the situation.
Stalking members of this community. Stalking may easily lead to a lengthy ban depending upon the situation.
Targeting other users in regards to personal issues or differences. Using the chats to criticize or upset others you have personal differences with is not tolerated.
Uncalled for or negative criticism against your fellow community members.
Demeaning an artist for their skills level in artistry (such as mocking, making fun of, or speaking ill of another user and their works of art, literature, etc.).
Prejudice against religious or spiritual beliefs and extremist points of view. Please keep these to yourself and do not force them upon others.
Naming & Shaming and/or pointing out art theft. If you do see art theft, please contact a member of the Lupinar Administration Team.
Cursing at other users if it is done so in a belittling, demeaning, or malicious manner. Jokingly cursing at friends or calling them names is allowed in moderation, as long as all parties involved understand that it is in jest. If it is reported to the administration and there is no clear joke intended, action will be taken against your account. Any racial, derogatory, or gender slurs will absolutely not be allowed under any circumstances.

False Reports

While we encourage you to report any suspicious activity you see, in no way do we promote falsely accusing other users. If you make false reports against another user, we will take action against your account instead. So please be respectful of other users and do not purposely try to get them in trouble if they did nothing wrong.
False reports automatically result in an NG. However, if it appears to have good intentions, you will receive a reminder.

Multiple Accounts

While on Lupinar’s chat you may have multiple accounts we ask our users to have one account on the forum. We ask that you do not create a new account in order to “start over” ; instead, you can simply change your name. If you’re not sure how to change your name please ask a staff member for help. If you have more than one account, you will be asked to choose which account you wish to keep.

Safety Threats

Death Threats

Lupinar has zero tolerance for death threats. Talk of killing, how to kill, threatening someone with murder or anything of the sort is not allowed. If the death threat is deemed too serious/graphic or it is unclear that the threat was made in role-play, a ban can be placed on your account. Please note that if a roleplay death threat given is too graphic / violent in nature, it will fall under a breach of PG-13 (gore).

A permanent ban will be placed if the death threat is deemed serious enough.

Suicide & Self-Harm Threats

As members of a community, we want to look out for one another and be sure that everyone is okay. The Lupinar Administration does take suicide threats and self-harm threats very seriously, because we want to ensure that our users are safe and have access to help if they need it. Equally, we want to ensure that users who may be triggered are not negatively impacted by this type of talk, which is why we do not allow public discussion of suicide or self-harm threats.

Talking about recent self-harm or talk of suicide, either on your behalf or the behalf of someone else on the site, will result in an e-mail being sent with helpful links. This is in order to make sure individuals get the help they need.

If talk of suicide or self-harm persists, it will result in warnings or bans being given. The authorities or ISP may also be contacted if the case is severe.

Rape Threats

We also have zero tolerance for rape threats. Talking of raping, how to rape, or threatening someone with rape is not allowed. This applies to both serious, joking, and role-play contexts. These are the minimum ban lengths that will occur for death threat scenarios (higher ban lengths may be given if deemed necessary):

A three day to a one week ban will be placed if the rape threat is made in a roleplaying section.

A month long ban will be placed if the rape threat is made in a roleplaying context outside of a roleplaying section.

A permanent ban will be placed if the rape threat is deemed serious enough.

Hacking and Virus Threats

Threatening to hack or send viruses, or even talking about potentially hacking or sending viruses to another user or website, is not tolerated on this site. We ask that you do not talk about, share tips or tricks, or share links about hacking, sending viruses, or discuss potentially hacking or sending viruses. Even talk of hacking or sending viruses in a joking manner will result in serious action taken, as it is something we must take seriously.

Hack & virus threats almost always result in an immediate permanent ban.

Propositioning Minors

Lupinar will in no way tolerate the propositioning of minors. We make every effort to keep this site safe and enjoyable for all users. Minors should not have to be exposed to illegal enticement while on Lupinar. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned from all Chatlands sites straight away. No exceptions. Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority as possible law enforcement. This also goes for any minor who is caught propositioning an adult. Action will be taken against any minor who does so.
A permanent ban will be placed for any cases of propositioning a minor or a minor propositioning an adult.

Art Theft

Art Theft is something that the Lupinar Staff takes very seriously on both Forum and Chat. For a full definition and explanation of what Art Theft is, please see the ART FAQ. Art Theft is something the Lupinar Administration will never tolerate. This includes:
Posting material that is not yours (otherwise known as copyright infringement).
Posting traced or very heavily referenced artwork and claiming it as your own work.
Selling or trading material that does not belong to you.
Using artwork that you do not have permission to use (whether it be it belongs to someone else, you did not pay for it, or thieved another user’s character and/or artwork) as your avatar or signature image(s).
Art Theft, both on the chat and forum, is met with a warning and email for a first offense. A second offense will result in a three day ban, a third offense will result in a two week ban, and a fourth offense will result in a permanent ban.

Profile Content

Lupinar users are expected to have profile content (signatures, avatars, profile fields, etc.), both on the chat and forum, that abides by all forum rules as well as the following:
All signature content (i.e., images, text, spoilers that are opened, spoilers that are closed) must be no more than 300 pixels in height. Single elements, such as images, must be no more than 600 pixels in length. Text, multiple smaller images, and other content are allowed side by side as long as they fit our height requirement.
Copyrights should always be added for images used in profile content.
Any content that does not follow the guidelines above will be met with a reminder. If the content is not removed after 24 hours of your next login, an official warning will be given. If you do not log in 72 hours after receiving the reminder, you will be notified that the profile content has been removed via a private message, but not given a warning. After any three subsequent warnings on the forum, content in profiles that break these guidelines will result in a ban. Usernames that break these guidelines will be met with a private message warning or email warning. If the username is not changed upon the next login, a ban will be placed.

Please note that these are the general rules of this board; this means they apply to all sections. Each subforum has a sticky note that contains rules respective to that section.These rules may be updated as time goes on.
All changes will be reflected in this thread.

If you see something suspicious or that violates these rules, please let us know! While we do our best to catch everything, sometimes things can slip. You can help by reporting the thread (you click the report sign that is in the corner of the post) or PM a member of the staff directly.

If these rules are broken, we will be following this protocol. Thread(s) and/or content may be removed as a result of violating these rules as well.

Permanent bans on Chat lead to permanent bans on the Forum as well.

If you are at all confused by these rules, feel free to ask a member of the staff! Clarification is the best way to avoid issues in the future. Here is the list of the current Lupinar Staff.