Lupinar General FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lupinar?

Lupinar is a 2D virtual world inspired by the Cenozoic Era. Members use an avatar, or “pose”, to roam a variety of “room” locations with beautiful backgrounds. All these backgrounds are custom made for the site. Members have the ability to upload custom poses and room backgrounds when buying a subscription using our currency called Deltas. Lupinar and other chat sites that are part of the Chatlands group are supported by a device’s browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc…).

How do I sign up for Lupinar?

You can sign up for Lupinar by following the instructions on this page.

Is Lupinar Free?

Lupinar is free to use! However, to be able to access some of the site’s premium features you will need to purchase Deltas and use them to acquire a subscription.

What are Deltas and how do I use them?

While Lupinar is free, Deltas are a form of currency on Lupinar which are purchased with real-life money. One Delta is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar. Subscriptions are bought when a user has Deltas and upgrades their subscription. Upgrading your subscription grants access to multiple different features such as uploading custom poses, rooms, a friends list, and many more. To change your subscription level go to the map and locate Account -> My Subscription. There you will find six subscriptions going from Free to Ultimate, all of which have different features,with Ultimate having the most features. Deltas can be earned in three ways; being paid for art or services by someone with deltas, receiving them from an event, or buying them.

What is the Lupinar Forum?

The Lupinar Forum is where members of the community discuss activities and events on Lupinar. Users may share their work, play games, and even chat here as well. The forum is separate from the chat and will require registration.

What are the rules?

Lupinar is a website for users who are 14 and older. All the rules of Lupinar can be found here.

How are the rules enforced?

Lupinar uses a system called the ban ladder. If you break a rule, your account will progress up the ban ladder. The more offences you commit the harsher the punishment. In most cases you will only receive a warning or reminder when you break a rule;usually through a chat message. Not all offenses will follow the same ban ladder,such as death, hacking and suicide threats. Under normal circumstances the ban ladder follows the format below:

First Offense (Chat/Forum/Discord Reminder Message)
Second Offense (Chat/Forum/Discord Message)
Third Offense (Chat/Forum/Discord Message, + email notification)
Fourth Offense (24 hour ban + email notification)
Fifth Offense (3 day ban + email notification)
Sixth Offense (1 week ban + email notification)
Seventh Offense (2 week ban + email notification)
Eighth Offense (1 month ban + email notification)
Ninth Offense (3 month ban + email notification)
Tenth Offense (Permanent Ban + email notification)

The ban ladder is also equipped with “refresh rates”. Refresh rates are the amount of time it takes for an infraction to fall off of your record. After it has fallen off, it no longer counts against you and is viewed as old and irrelevant. This means that if you were banned for one month and then seven months after you were released you committed another infraction, you would not be banned again. Your ladder has reset and you are on the first step, which is a reminder. It is based on the most recent prior infarction you have. Probationary periods are technically the same thing, but are used to describe a user’s placement on the ban ladder. If a user is currently in their refresh period, we state that they are on their probationary period. If they break rules during this time, they move up on the ban ladder.

These are the refresh rates for each step in the ban ladder:

Reminders, 1st, 2nd, and email – 2 months
12 hour, 3 days, 1 week ban – 4 months
2 weeks, 1 month, perm ban – 6 months

It is important to know that while you are banned your probationary period does not progress. It would simply go “dormant” while you are banned until you are released.For example: User A earns their 1 month ban. They come back, are two months into their probationary period, and commit another infraction and get banned again. Their probationary period is 2/6 months completed and will not progress to a third month while they are banned. Therefore, when they come back from being banned for the second time, their ban ladder will still be at 2/6 months, even though in reality 3 months have passed.

What do I do if a user is bothering me?

If someone is bothering you we recommend using the “Ignore” feature. This can be found by clicking on the user and hitting “ignore”, if that fails, you can type in the command !ignore “username”, as this will work as well. If the user or another account of theirs consists to pester you or breaks the rules, report it to an administrator.

How do I report a user on chat?

To report a user on the chat or any other problems you may be experiencing on Lupinar, click the “report” button which is located on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The report button will open a list of on duty administrators on the site. If there are currently no administrators on duty, please fill out a problem ticket.

What if someone is bothering me outside of Lupinar?

Lupinar can only deal with situations among its own user base. If someone from Lupinar or from the other Chatland sites is bothering you on an external site or platform, we can offer our help if there is sufficient evidence. Please make sure that you gather as much information as possible when reporting off-site bullying or harassment to an administrator. If the harassment does not stem from Lupinar, we can not handle it. Please contact the relevant website’s administration if you are experiencing harassment off-site.

What’s an administrator or moderator?

Administrators are volunteer members that are essentially “peace keepers” of Lupinar. Their job is to answer questions, solve problems and deal with those breaking the rules. You can differentiate an administrator from a member by the color of their name. Administrators also appear different in the mysts and their rank will also be visible in their user profile (sniff).

Can I become an administrator?

Yes! Positions are offered to those who frequently use the site and understand the rules or position they are obtaining. Lupinar also have staff positions on the chat that are not considered administrators but still help with website and its functions. Persons who are in the non-administrator staff (such as the Art Team or Events Committee) are required to be at least 16 years old. Persons who wish to become an administrator must be above the age of 18 years old. Currently Lupinar accepts new staff members through an application process.

What is the symbol next to my user name?

Every user on Lupinar will have a symbol next to their name. The symbols show the rank of each user. The arrowhead () represents a subordinate or regular chat user. Helpers () are new administrators in training. Mediators () or Gammas are new administrators that have finished basic training and have advanced to the final stages. Protectors () or Betas are administrators who have been members of the team for a substantial amount of time. Finally the Keepers () or Alphas are the leaders of the administration and these members oversee the rest of the administration team.

Is roleplaying (RP) Allowed?

Users are allowed to RP as long as it is kept among the willing. Pestering other users about mates, packs, clans, families, (etc.) is not the ideal form of role-play here at Lupinar and is deemed a bother to most users. It is, however, not against the rules unless it continues when asked to stop.

How do I submit artwork to use on the site?

Before you can submit your own artwork to use on the site you are going to need a subscription. Depending on the subscription level you have, you can upload a certain amount of custom poses and rooms.You can upload your artwork through the “Shapeshift” or pose uploader. To do this you will need to go to the Lupinar Map then “Entrance” on the left hand side and select “Poses, Rooms and Objects.” It can also be found by going to Lupinar map -> Entrance -> Avatars: Custom Colors and clicking “Uploader”. From here you can upload the desired artwork. Remember to review our Art FAQ before submitting artwork!

What are private rooms?

Private rooms can be uploaded and used by users who are paying for a subscription. Rules and room ratings are completely controlled by the room owner. That being said the room owner is responsible for what happens in their own room, as the Lupinar administration does not moderate these rooms. This means when you enter someone’s private room you are subject to their own rules.  However, administration can intervene in private rooms if serious threats are made such as death threats, hacking, or propositioning of a minor. 

How do I report a bug?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with Lupinar you can let the administration know by contacting an administrator on the chat or you may fill out a problem ticket. Please provide as much information as possible when reporting chat issues!

How do I rename or delete my account?

To rename your account, go to the map on the left-hand side of the screen. Under “My Account”, there should be the option to rename your account. If you wish to delete your chat account, you can do so through the map; on the left-hand side of the screen, you should see a control panel that gives you the option of deleting your account. Please note that the Administration does not place bans on accounts per request nor can they delete them.

What do I do if I get banned?

Upon receiving a ban an email regarding the reason why you were banned and how you can appeal the ban will be sent to you. Appeals for bans can be sent to the administration through the problem ticket system. When your appeal has been submitted the administration will discuss your ban and your appeal and a Keeper will respond back to you once a decision has been made. Please remember appeals for permanent bans can not be made until a full month has passed. Appeals created before a month will not be considered. If your appeal is denied you are more than welcome to create another appeal a month later.

What is banhopping?

Ban hopping is when someone is currently banned from Lupinar but attempts to use or create another account. Attempts to bypass a ban will result in the new account being banned as well. Each time someone attempts to ban hop, the length of the ban will increase and can eventually lead to a permanent ban.

How can I provide feedback?

The Lupinar administration always appreciates feedback! If you have any suggestions for new features, or would like to tell us how we are doing you can do so in our feedback forum, or even message an administrator!

I have a question that is not listed here, who should I ask for help?

If you have any questions about Lupinar or would like more information you may contact an administrator through our chat, forums or Discord server.