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[Closed] Artist Terms of Service Posting Guidelines


The Artist Terms of Service section is to detail your TOS for the Lupinar Markets. The ToS you post here is to be used as your "official" ToS while trading or selling on the Lupinar forums and website. Your TOS thread should not be used to detail your permissions e.g."this person may use my art for free". That should be posted in the permissions section. DO NOT put "black lists" or details of who cannot use your artwork, if you wish to withhold use of artwork from someone PM a member of the art team. Public blacklist of any kind are not permitted. 

ToS should incorporate how you, as an artist, wish your artwork to be handled after purchase. They may include, but are not limited to:
-Policies on reselling custom poses, characters, etc.
-Name Change policies
-Permission trading policies etc.

-Only YOUR terms of use should be in your thread. Do not make a thread on behalf of someone else. 
-Please put you username(s) in the title 
-It helps to post past usernames you have had within the thread, in case your commissioners are not aware of name changes.
-Please only bump your topic if your ToS has changed, regardless of how old the thread is it may not be bumped unless you are updating your ToS. You should never bump another user's topic in this section.
-It is strongly recommend you make a new post in your personal ToS thread, when changing your ToS, to make it clear changes have happened. Posting dates in your post is a great idea to help users be aware of when changes are made. 

Topic starter Posted : 20/02/2021 9:21 am