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Studying the sacred knowledge has proven to change the savant’s life. They now understand deeply what this sacred knowledge means and may now use it to further help others.


A savant no longer bound by the duties of the beginner, the scholar looks to create and study its own interests.


As a savant learns, they soon find their duties are required. An apprentice begins to practice their knowledge to achieve experience and further understanding.


Only the initiated are able to learn the secret knowledge of the Savants. They will begin their training to learn and dream of accomplishing achievements beyond their current understanding.



Master of magic, the sorcerer knows their own strengths. Using such strengths, the sorcerer can attain bountiful sources of magic and execute any sorcery they have studied.


The harbinger is a magus capable of great changes. They can slowly transform the world around them in ways unimaginable to most who have not mastered magic.


Capable of great feats of clairvoyance, the oracle holds a strong relationship with the magic of this land and the deities that occupy it.


Young in the face of magic, the mystic is a newly initiated Magus. May they be a prodigy of magic or simply a dedicated beginner, the mystic is only beginning to bud as a sorcerer.



The visitor is new to this place, they are interested in traveling the lands of Lupinar but have yet to make a journey significant enough for remembrance.


Spiritual by nature, the pilgrim treads carefully the ancient route of pilgrimage. Only holy specters are welcome to travel the length of the holy path.


No distance is long enough for the wayfarer. This beast finds itself far away from home, temporarily or not. Destined to travel on foot or wing, the wayfarer has no bounds in how far they will travel.

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A wanderer by nature, a vagabond finds itself reminiscent of places past yet is always searching for new adventure. A vagabond cannot be tied down to a home, however finds that they are most comfortable in all different types of places and will find they have all different types of homes as well.



A master hunter, the venatrix uses their experience and skills to take down their targeted prey. They understand the hunt thoroughly enough that they’re both resilient and adaptable in skill.


The trapper uses their ingenuity to build traps of all different sizes and mechanisms. The trapper is incredibly adaptable to their situation and values puzzles.


A hunter that has yet to find its footing during the hunt is the novice. The novice may make a catch or two but is still new to the hunt.


The chasseur is a quick-footed hunter, capable of taking down their prey quickly and efficiently. This swift hunter is difficult to escape from.



An expert artisan is capable of producing beautiful pieces of work. With the execution of knowledge and experience, artificer’s are dedicated to the learning and improvement of their trade.


The wright is unlike other artisans as they value structure over creativity. Despite the difference in creative pursuits, the wright is a dedicated builder of the community.


The smith is already capable of controlling their abilities in surprising ways. Their expertise allows them to work with most materials.


An artisan budding into greatness, the tyro is the first stage of the process of mastering the arts.



A fighter looking for a brawl, the ruffian is not like the other warriors in that a good duel is always welcome. They have no intention to protect others but still have an interest skillset necessary for the fight.


A champion of Lupinar, this warrior is skillful in the art of protection and war. They seek to help establish peace through out Lupinar.


The lionheart are upright and honest warriors dedicated to the help of others. Not much of a fighter, the lionheart will do what it takes to defend without damage.


A young warrior is also noble and intent to do good. The conscript seeks to protect others though inexperienced in fighting.